Raw Dating Advice LLC Refund Policy
The Raw Dating Advice LLC Refund Policy is in place to protect our integrity, as well as the moral and hard working coaches and employees of Raw Dating Advice LLC.

The Raw Dating Advice LLC Refund Policy states a few policies that we will refund you only if you give our programs fair effort. Meaning if you follow the program you purchase in its entirety, with documentation, and do not see results, then we will then happily refund you.
Documentation includes:
  • ​Action Reports filled out to completion (included in membership area).
  • Questions sent periodically to coaches or support staff.
  • ​Video, pictures, or screenshots of text conversations.
  • ​75% completion rate on course contents
  • ​A proven effort to get better (simply any proof of an attempt to use the purchased program in its entirety)
All of our "Money Back" Guarantees are "action based". Meaning that to qualify for a refund you must provide documentation and completed Action Report worksheets from the necessary membership area to prove that you applied the information and did not get any results.

We do not offer “No Questions Asked” Guarantee's. And any guarantee we make is under the assumption you know and have abided by our refund policy to date.

This refund policy states that you must own and use a program 21 days before a refund
will be considered by our staff. Meaning you have watched at least 75% of the course contents, and implemented them over the course of those 21 days.
(Note: Our system shows us which date you accessed each part of the course, and viewed the modules. Simply marking them "complete" and binge watching all videos shortly before requesting a refund will immediately disqualify you from receiving a refund)
Refunds will NOT be awarded to:
  • Anyone who wants their money back for reasons outside of not reaching any results or the program not delivering on the promises made at the time of purchase.
  • ​Anyone submits their official request outside the "money back guarantee" window (as show on the sales page at the time of purchase)
  • ​Anyone who attempts to refund upon purchase (within 48 hours - this includes "accidental" purchases)
  • ​Anyone who has no proof of effort or use of the program.
  • ​Anyone who is caught pirating or sharing a program.
  • ​Anyone requesting a refund without a receipt or proof of purchase.
  • ​Anyone who has swapped or exchanged one program for another.
  • ​Anyone who has a history of purchasing and refunding programs in the past.
  • ​Any other reasons shall be reviewed within 7 business days where Full/Partial/No Refund may be awarded.
Refunds are not available on any "free trail" offers and promotions.

Refunds will not be issued for any Skype, phone, or email coaching.

Refunds will not be issued for any Annual or Monthly subscription based offers and promotions.

Refunds will not be issued to any customer who does not submit a refund request, via our refund request form (linked at bottom of this page)

(NOTE: Refund requests for ANY reason outside of the program not delivering on the promised results will be denied. These reasons may include, but are not limited to: Changing your mind, not wanting to go through the course anymore, the course having too much information, the course not being created in languages other than English, personal financial struggles, or wanting to try another course instead. All requests shall be reviewed within 7 days of submission.)

If you believe you qualify for a refund, go here to submit the refund request form >>
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